Welcome to ChibiSwap!

ChibiSwap is an up-and-coming decentralized exchange in the form of a metaverse, where you can potentially find your ape buddies while apeing into shit tokens on the Binance Smartchain!

Baby Unicorn


ChibiSwap is all about bringing the decentralized exchange to the metaverse. Imagine being able to converse with other users while making your swaps on the Binance Smartchain, basically PancakeSwap 2.0.smile

You'll be able to mint your very own Chibi characters, along with various outfits and accessories for use in the ChibiSwap metaverse. What are you waiting for? Stock up your CHIB tokens today before launch to secure your very own Chibi characters!

Token Name ChibiSwap
Symbol CHIB
Decimals 18
Supply 1 Million
Contract Address
Why ChibiSwap?

Benefits of owning $CHIB

Baby Unicorn

Get 20% of BNB & $CHIB of your referrals!

Baby Unicorn

Mint your very own Chibi characters to use in the metaverse!

Baby Unicorn

Launch Price will be at least 5x of pre-sale to be fair to early adopters!

Token Allocation


Public Launch






Teams & Developers


Marketing & Events


Treasury Reserves

$CHIB Early Adopters Programme

Presale & Airdrop


Pre-sale ends in in

  • Min Buy: 0.01 BNB (10 $CHIB)
  • Max Buy: 10 BNB (10,000 $CHIB)
  • Will be listed on various exchanges on the day pre-sale ends.
  • Mint your very own Chibi characters & equipments after the pre-sale with $CHIB tokens.

Airdrop & Referral

Claim 5 $CHIB
Get Ref LinkCopy
  • 20% BNB + 20% $CHIB per referral!
  • You can refer unlimited amount of people!
  • For instance, your friend used your referral link and bought 1 BNB worth of $CHIB. You will receive 0.2 BNB & 200 $CHIB tokens immediately!
ChibiSwap Development


Multi-Chain Exchange on a Metaverse

While ChibiSwap token is hosted on the Binance Smartchain network, we will support exchanges and swapping from other major networks such as Polygon, Ethereum & more. All these in a vibrant, engaging world in the ChibiSwap metaverse.

Staking Pools & Farms

Stake your $CHIB tokens or provide liquidity and earn while you're sleeping! We will also introduce partner tokens to our staking pools in the near future.

The Metaverse

I know what you're thinking, just simply an exchange in a metaverse sounds kinda boring... right? No worries, we'll introduce many different features in the ChibiSwap metaverse such as lands, quests & more where you'll be able to bring your Chibi characters on an adventure on top of trading! You can even own your very own piece of Chibi land & charge a tax for every player who comes through!

Our Plans


Mid 2022

Website Development

Launch of the official ChibiSwap website.

Q1 2023

Metaverse Alpha

Alpha release of the ChibiSwap metaverse will be launched with all core features such as trading and chat!
We will also list the $CHIB token on PancakeSwap & various other exchanges.

Q2 2023

Growth & Development

Venture Capital fundings will be obtained. We will also apply for the Binance Incubator programme to ensure a steady source of funding for further development.

Q3 2023

Explosive Growth

Listing of $CHIB token in major centralized exchange (Binance,FTX, Huobi, Gate.io).
We will launch major updates to the metaverse such as adventure mode, lands & quests.

Q4 2023 onwards



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